And then I said Hello.

My name is Coco. I am 30 years old. Former college teacher. Originally from the Philippines, now living in the USA. This blog chronicles my LDR experiences, family anecdotes and snippets about my everyday life. I put up this blog as an outlet. I wanted to bask in anonymity and yet still be heard. I want to squeal in delight or wallow in despair, whenever I want to, anyway I want to. This is my humble space in this vast world.

Five Things.

1. I have been addicted to Alaska Gold Rush, Finding Bigfoot and Moonshiners. The world stops when these shows are on. What’s even greater is that, my husband loves them too. So we don’t fight about who controls the remote. 

2. A former student is my favorite nephew’s teacher. He sent me a message today and said that my nephew brought a picture of me in school. When he asked why, my nephew said it keeps him from crying. He’s four. It’s very heartwarming.

3. We went to Olive Garden today. I hate that we always eat out. I want to cook our own food, but for some reason, eating out is more cheaper than cooking a meal for two. I love being in the kitchen even though I’m not good in cooking. I miss that. I used to make meals for my family often. My father loves my pasta dishes!

4. I have a huge pile of laundry to fold. Shoot me. I HATE this chore next to doing the grocery.

5. It’s been more than a week since we stopped juicing. Our schedule keeps us from going to the grocery store, plus our weight loss was slowing down. We took a break, and man we hate it. Now that we’re eating regularly, we feel like crap. With juicing, we were more energetic, clear headed and just overall feeling good. Now we feel so sluggish, bloated and just plain UGH. We are going back to juicing soon. Oh, and three weeks of juicing made me lose 15 lbs. That’s not so bad!

  1. lotusgalramblings said: Back to the juice! ASAP
  2. midthirtysomething said: At least you’re not ironing! :)
  3. laleche1227 said: Laundry is the devil ugh! Lol I hate it so much
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